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Upcoming Changes For Portfolio Advisors, Inc. & You

We are excited to share with you some upcoming changes to the client experience here at Portfolio Advisors, Inc.

First, in 2019, Charles Schwab announced the acquisition of TD Ameritrade. Since then, both companies have been working on merging various aspects of their respective entities and ultimately planning for the merging of the client and advisor facing platforms. We have been informed that such platforms and other client-facing materials will be changing this fall as a part of the final phase of the merger process. Our team is being updated on a regular basis as to the roll out of these changes. Thus far, we do not anticipate clients having to complete new account paperwork, however, we do anticipate some of the following changes:

  •  9-digit TD Ameritrade account numbers will be changed to 8-digit Schwab account numbers
  • Online platform is expected to change
  •  Monthly statements from TD Ameritrade will be reformatted to read Charles Schwab
  • Clients may receive multiple 1099s (tax documents) in 2023 for the 2022 tax filing

Additionally, if you have not logged into the site (TD Ameritrade site) for some time, you may begin receiving paper statements for your TD Ameritrade accounts. We ask that you log into the Advisor Client site to enroll or re-enroll in electronic statements. Please reach out to our office if we can provide some assistance here.

Further, you will be receiving additional communication directly from TD Ameritrade & Charles Schwab about these upcoming changes. However, our team plans to keep you apprised of additional changes and the appropriate time frame. Our team remains ready to help you navigate through these changes and answer questions.

  Second, here at Portfolio Advisors, we are undergoing a technology change of our own. We are in the process of changing systems that document our client data, generate client reports, and host our online document vault. We are in the process of making internal changes and getting ready to launch a new reporting format to you along with rolling out a more interactive and useful client portal and document vault. In the coming months, you will receive additional communication about these changes including the new reporting format and registration for the new client portal, along with instructions on how to access our new mobile app (for smart phones and tablets). We are excited to share these new tools with you to enhance your experience.

As we navigate these changes, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we will do our best to continue to serve you at the highest level possible and in a timely fashion. We recognize that change is not easy, however, we aim to make these changes to improve upon your experience as a client and to ensure that Portfolio Advisors is around for years to come to serve you and your family. As these changes are rolled out, we welcome your feedback as to how we can continue to improve or modify. Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding.



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