As we enter the New Year, we at Portfolio Advisors wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous 2021! In looking forward to what is in store for us in 2021, I wanted to share a quick story of what has been and will forever be our focus, YOU!

If my memory serves me correctly, I attended one of my first industry conferences for the Financial Planning Association around 2010. During this conference, I was given a bright blue wrist band that had the words Clients First engraved on it. Those words resonated with me as I thought that they clearly summed up my primary role as a financial planner/advisor. This has been my guiding principle and philosophy ever since, and it continues to influence my decisions and interactions with our clients.

I am sad to say that my Clients First wristband has not withstood the test of time after suffering from numerous pushpin holes during my many attempts to secure it to my office corkboard. My wristband may have physically fallen apart, but as I embark on my 15th year at Portfolio Advisors with my strong and experienced team, and with the lessons learned from those that have come before me, those simple words, Clients First, now more than ever guide me in everything that I do.

Whether it be the stock market or life in general, there will always be events that ‘poke holes’ in our plans and make us feel like we are falling apart. However, having a guiding principle or philosophy helps to remind us of our purpose and why it is we do what we do. In addition to my family being a priority for me, my guiding principle for this firm is prioritizing YOU, Clients First, serving you to the best of our ability and forever looking to improve upon what we do for you. Your goals are our goals, your challenges are our challenges, and your legacy is our legacy. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you as clients, our firm, and all that we will accomplish together. I thank you for being a part of the Portfolio Advisors family and encourage you to reach out to me if I can ever be of help to you.


Tina Mistry, CFP®

Chief Operating Officer & Financial Advisor