Financial Planning

What do you think of when you hear the term “financial planning” used? Investments? Retirement? The truth is that financial planning encompasses much more than investment strategy or savings for retirement. It’s a holistic exercise that should encompass your entire financial picture.

Financial Planning, Fresno

Financial planning should also be customized. Your vision, goals, needs, and concerns are unique to you and your family. Your financial plan should include strategies created specifically for your objectives.

At Portfolio Advisors, we develop and implement custom, comprehensive financial plans to help you and your family achieve your biggest financial goals. Our planning work often addresses questions you may have in the  following areas:

  • Investment Management
  • PortfolioTax Management Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Income Replacement Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • College Funding Strategies
  • And more.

You could have a variety of questions.  Am I saving enough for retirement? Am I taking too much risk? How much can I reasonably take from my portfolio once I retire? How can I minimize taxes? How can I maximize my Social Security benefit? We can help answer these questions and more. 

Our team includes professionals from a diverse set of financial backgrounds which allows us to analyze your goals and challenges from a comprehensive viewpoint. Although every plan is different, we generally follow the same five-step process:

Discover: We work with you to develop and clarify your goals, as well as establish mutual understanding of the planning objectives.

Discussion: We provide insight and solutions that align with your objectives.

Decision: We use a  collaborative process to reach informed decisions and develop a set of action steps.

Follow Up: We Review your accounts, reports, and progress toward planning objectives.

Collaboration:We provide an ongoing partnership for guidance and reassessment as your life and financial situation changes. We also often collaborate with your other professionals including your CPA® and estate planning attorney. 

At Portfolio Advisors, we also believe any recommendations or implementation steps should be free of bias and based solely on your specific needs and goals. That’s why we are strictly fee-only financial planners. That means we are not compensated by third parties with commissions, trading fees, or other forms of pay related to specific products or investments. Our recommendations are driven completely by your financial objectives.

Our Finanical Planning Services

Financial Planning Services, Fresno

Financial Planning Services

Are you ready to develop and implement your custom, comprehensive financial plan and consider a financial advisory relationship? If so, take back control of your financial future and contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to analyze your needs and goals and create a strategy. Let’s connect soon and start the conversation.




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