Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our "Client Experience"

How will you ensure my goals are met?

In our first meeting, we will gain mutual understanding of your goals and priorities. Based on those goals and priorities, we will offer proposed solutions that agree with your objectives. As part of our ongoing partnership, we will collaborate with you to determine action steps and follow up plans.


With what type of client do you typically work?

Our clients are primarily business owners, professionals and retirees who have specific financial needs and objectives. Many of them have been with us for a long time and value the expertise that we bring to the investment management process. They also favor our investment philosophy and an approach which relies on scientific research, rather than stock picking or market timing.


What is your team's experience in the industry?

Portfolio Advisors is a locally owned firm that dates back to 1990. We work in a team environment so that you receive the benefit of a wide range of experience. Mike, a CFP® professional, leads the Portfolio Advisor team and is the owner of the firm. Mike started with the firm in 1994 and took the reins when his father retired. Bill, also a CFP® professional, started in 1995. Tina, started in 2006 and obtained her CFP® certification in 2012. Ken is our Director of Client Relations and Financial Advisor, bringing significant business experience to the firm.


With whom will I be working?

Portfolio Advisors prides itself in working in a team environment. Your lead advisor will work with you on a regular basis and involve other team members to provide additional expertise as needed. Normally there are two advisors present during client meetings and a support staff that will also work closely with you.


Will you help me with more than just investment recommendations?

Portfolio Advisors offers extensive experience with four professional advisors on staff. We can help with a broad range of services that include portfolio management, investment and tax strategies, assistance with trusts and inheritances, retirement planning, income replacement strategies, and planning for education costs.


How does your company get compensated for the work you do?

Portfolio Advisors does not sell products or receive commissions for the investment vehicles which are recommend to clients. Portfolio Advisors is a fee-only firm and compensation comes directly from client assets under management. Fees are customarily deducted from client accounts on a quarterly basis.


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