The Portfolio Advisors Strategy

Forming a Strategy

In your first meeting with us, we will seek first to understand your unique needs by clarifying the issues that are important to you. Your questions and concerns are important to us and we will invest the time necessary to make sure that we mutually understand each other. This process will bring clarity to the issues and will help us uncover any needs that may or may not be obvious.

Once your needs have been thoroughly discussed and reviewed, we will offer insight into different investment approaches that may work for you. While we understand that financial needs can be complicated, we also believe that the investment process should not be, and we will help guide you step by step through that process.

Once you have agreed to a course of action, we will partner together in implementing your plan. However, our service will not stop there as our team is here to help you on an on-going basis. Together, we will carefully monitor your chosen course to make sure that you stay on track and we will help provide the necessary discipline that a successful investment program requires. To that end, we will meet regularly to review our progress.

Implementing a Strategy

Our team of advisors will meet with you to discuss your current financial situation, your current investments, and your goals. Together, we will determine at what level of risk you are comfortable. Often, this process will uncover short and long term financial needs. Perhaps you have needs to fund the college expenses of your children or are concerned about whether or not you will be able to retire when you wish. Or, maybe you just want to make sure that you can buy that vacation home that you have been dreaming about forever. If you own your own business, you may have both short and long term capital needs for which to provide.

Once your needs are understood, we will work to develop an investment strategy that will help meet those needs and one that is consistent with your identified risk tolerance level. We will meet with you to discuss the investment strategy in a planning meeting and with your approval we will move to execute your investment strategy. After your strategy is in place, a follow-up meeting is recommended approximately forty-five days later.

We will generally meet twice per year or as needed to ensure that your strategy is on track. Our services do not end there though. Our on-going monitoring of your portfolio will provide purposeful rebalancing to make sure that your identified targets stay within the parameters which we have agreed upon.

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