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Feedback From Client Survey

Thank you to our clients who completed our Client Survey earlier this summer.  Portfolio Advisors has existed for some 26 years, and we’ve learned a lot about our clients over that time. However, we’ve also learned that it’s not always so easy to know how our clients see things.  That’s why we ask. 

Several helpful pieces of information came from the survey, and we’d like to share some highlights.  First, if you’ve had a review meeting with us this year, there’s a good chance that we worked with you on developing a more formal financial plan using our software.  Your answers support this effort.  When you were asked how you primarily measure the value received from your advisor, 3 of your top 4 answers are served through the planning process:  sense of security/peace of mind, knowledge of my personal financial situation, and progress toward my goals.  We’ve received positive feedback on our planning process during meetings.  Your answers here further support this effort.

For clients working with us for more than 3 years, they were asked for the primary reason they continue to work with us.  41% of this group answered “personal relationship," by far the most common answer.  We’ve always known this is a people business, but this really stands out on the page.  We believe that trust is a big part of what many of you had in mind when answering “personal relationship.”  It’s clearer than ever that trust is everything in this business and how necessary it is for us to act in ways to continue to earn your trust. 

Finally, "current market and economic conditions" earned a degree of emphasis when the survey asked what was most important to discuss with your advisor.  As many of you know, “current market and economic conditions” do not have a lot of bearing on our approach to investment management.  However, we know that there are many good reasons for discussing these matters with you.  As a result of these responses, we intend to engage more fully when talking with a client interested in these topics.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted survey responses.  They help us to understand and better serve our clients.  The survey is just one way for us to gather feedback.  We welcome and value feedback in other ways throughout the year as well.


Mike Leffler, CFP®


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