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Announcement from Portfolio Advisors

There are some new and exciting changes at Portfolio Advisors that were announced by Mike Leffler in a letter sent to clients in early February.


In his letter, Mike announced that Tina Mistry and Ken Hatfield have both been named partners and now join Mike as owners of the firm. The letter stated: "As I grappled with the future of the company and its continued success, I began to think that it would be a good idea to share in the ownership of the company. The problem was with whom and when. I never liked the idea of selling the company to a larger firm. I liked the idea of remaining independent with local ownership. I am happy to say that I had to look no further than within the walls of Portfolio Advisors itself. I found two individuals that are trustworthy, extremely competent, and have proven track records." To read his letter in its entirety, please read below.



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