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A New Service from Portfolio Advisors - Social Security Planning


By Mike Leffler 


In taking a look at our clientele, and where our new business comes from, we see that we have a natural connection with pre-retirees. Pre-retirees, people who have five years or less until retirement, often have many financial needs. No longer are pensions predominant in which fewer decisions are required of individuals. Now, tax deferred retirement plans such as 401(k)s, 403bs and 457 accounts are the norm.

Individuals must decide what to do with this money that they've saved, determine how much they can affordably withdraw on an ongoing basis, decide on a suitable Medicare option, figure out if they can afford special purchases like a second home, and...determine the best Social Security payout option for them. In light of this last need, we will now offer standalone Social Security consultations.

We feel it's common for people to feel overwhelmed, or simply want help, with all of the important financial decisions that they face prior to retirement. This service can help those who know they want help with Social Security. Many times, people have not worked with a financial advisor before. A limited engagement like this can allow people the opportunity to experience the value of working with a qualified financial professional. Some of them may decide they would like to explore the possibility of getting help with their other financial issues, too.

When needed, we consult with our clients on Social Security as a part of our regular offering. That's included in our already existing relationships. For those who are not already clients and need assistance with Social Security claiming options only, we will engage them on this issue alone by offering a one-hour consult for $200.

At the end of this meeting, attendees will walk away having seen various payout options, side-by-side, and how those options may play out in their personal situation. They will also see the present value of the total lifetime benefits paid to them under each option. Finally, they will have talked all of this through with a capable advisors.

So, if you or someone you know needs help with their Social Security decisions, we are here. Please call or refer your contact to our office to schedule an appointment. Then simply show up at the appointed time with a Social Security statement(s). If necessary or desired, the meeting can be attended remotely, via live computer session.

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