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By Ken Hatfield Financial Advisor, Partner Portfolio Advisors, Inc. Back in 2010, I received a solicitation from Experian, one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), offering a free introductory period of their credit monitoring services.   I had...


Our Mission

We develop strong personal relationships with our clients and bring clarity to financial issues important to them. We provide insight leading to solutions in helping them to achieve lifelong goals, and we partner together in implementing a plan to do just that!

Portfolio Advisors – Welcome to our Family

When you join Portfolio Advisors, you join our family. Developing and maintaining strong personal relationships with our family of clients is fundamental to our way of doing business and one of the reasons why many of our clients have been with us since the beginning, over twenty years ago.

We invite you to spend a little time exploring our website and learning about our client experience process, our strategy, and philosophy. Answers to the five most frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ area. If you are not already a client, we hope that you will consider joining the Portfolio Advisors family.



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